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Truckmount Services

You have made huge investments into equipment for your business, this equipment is running hard to keep up with the demand. With the demand of your business needs,  it may be hard to remember to service the equipment. Borderland Mobile Equipment Repair is geared up and ready to keep your equipment serviced and operating at its best to keep it out in the field. There are a lot of services the equipment needs to maintain its functions, these all need to be inspected serviced or repaired on a fairly regular basis. We are here to tend to the needs of equipment so you can focus on your business.

Borderland Mobile Equipment Repair has put together service interval packages to make caring for your equipment less stressful. We have taken the headache out of remembering what to do, and when to do it.  We will Arrive at your location as scheduled and perform these services as stated, we will also do a very thorough inspection of all functions, and components of the system on every visit. this will give us the ability to stay on top of needed repairs and be able to perform those repairs during regularly scheduled service visits, Avoiding the costly breakdowns out in the field. .

The 100 hour service covers the following services and inspection based on the manufacturers recommendations.


500 hour service is a 100 hour service plus additional services required at 500 hours.


1000 hour service is 100, 500 hour services plus additional services required at 1000 hours.


Basic services and menu pricing for Truckmount repairs 

the following tables are parts and labor pricing

Individual Component Services Price
Engine Oil & Filter service for 2 Cylinder engines $69.98
Engine Oil & Filter service for 3 Cylinder engines $79.98
Engine OIl & Filter service for 4 Cylinder engines $89.98
Cat Pump oil service all models $69.95
General pump oil service all models $64.95
Gardner Denver TI blower oil service $96.25
Gardner Denver Legend series blower oil service & regrease front bearings $88.25
Tuthill Blower oil service all Models $79.25
Roots Blower oil service all Models $64.25
Component Repair Price
GP Chemical pump rebuild / diaphragm only $112.97
GP Chemical pump rebuild Old style full $139.97
GP Chemical pump rebuild new style full $164.97
Hydramaster chemical pump rebuild / diaphragm only $109.97
Hydramaster chemical pump rebuild full $131.97
Outlet check valve rebuild PC/Sappire full $32.96
Outlet check valve rebuild hydramaster $95.96

Basic services and menu pricing for Restoration Equipment repairs 

the following tables are parts and labor pricing / Please note there will be different pricing on equipment with multiple repairs due to labor time sharing.

Air Mover Repairs Price
Cord replacement on air movers all models $45.00 -- $55.00
Speed switch replacement air movers all models $35.00 -- $65.00
Cord & Switch replacement air movers all models $55.00 -- $75.00
Dehumidifier individual component repair / replace Price
Condensate Pump $225.00 -- $272.00
Safety float switch $104.00 -- $135.00
Power cord replacement $82.00 -- $120.00
Control panel $165.00 -- $390.00
Inspection and PM services Price
Dehumidifier Full inspection and PM services $85.00
Air mover Inspection and cleaning $15.00
Ozone Inspection and cleaning $45.00
Air scrubber Inspection and cleaning $40.00
Riding Extractors Inspection and cleaning $65.00
Hydroxyl machines inspection $42.00

Repair Parts & Manuals

Equipment manuals"

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Restoration manuals - Omni dry & Pullman-Holt

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Truckmount manuals - Hydramaster

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Portables - Nautilus & Olympus

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