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Truckmount Services


Offering basic services, in depth inspections and Annual service programs. please call for basic service and inspection pricing.

Your Truckmount is the most essential piece of equipment in your business. It requires a lot regular maintenance that is often overlooked in the shuffle of a busy schedule.


But daily checkups, top-offs, and cleaning in addition to standard service interval maintenance are key to extending the life of the heart of your business.


Here at Borderland Mobile Equipment Repair we will come to you to complete all the required services and inspections that keep your machine running at its best.


Borderland Mobile Equipment Repair has multiple types of services programs available to fit your business needs.


Below you will see the Annual Service package. It is the most comprehensive package available for your truckmount. it will save you a ton of money over the year and provide your machine with the most detailed service possible.

Truckmount Platinum Annual Service packages

you will receive (10) 100 Hour services, (1) 500 hour services, and (1) 1000 hour service. these services will be completed on a scheduled planned date one day for each month.


1. (2 Cylinder truckmounts) $1500 per year or $750 at plan start and $750 at  6 month mark.

2. (3 Cylinder truckmounts) $1650 per year or $825 at plan start and  $825 at 6 month mark.

3. (4 Cylinder truckmounts) $1800 per year or $900 at plan start and  $900 at 6 month mark.

4. (Direct drive truckmounts) $1250 per year or $625 at plan start and  $625 at 6 month mark.

Whats included? 

This service plan is more than just oil changes. all fluids, gaskets, filters and other parts are included for each service unless otherwise notated in the service. this service includes a very extensive inspection process during each service visit to make sure the equipment is in good running condition.

Why purchase an annual plan?

This Annual service Package will save you a lot of money and frustration. your Equipment will be given the attention it needs to keep it in tip top shape.

We will be on site once a month doing a health check up and services. this monthly service dramatically lowers on the job failures. 

Have ever experienced an on the job failure, just to find that parts to be ordered to get the truckmount fixed. this can cause a huge disruption in your business.

this annual service program will allow us to have eyes on the equipment often, We will be able to monitor the condition of parts,  As they get close to there usable service life they can be ordered repaired and put back into service without disruption.

last but not least the annual service plan will save  you $500 to $700 per year over standard per service cost based on your make and model truckmount.

Platinum Service Intervals for Truckmounted Equipment.

1. (100 hour service - monthly service) - this service is performed every 100 hours of equipment operation or every month. 

Engine - The engine will receive a new oil filter and oil, Inspect and replace air filter as needed, Clean and inspect the spark plugs, Inspect and adjust engine operating speeds based on manufacturer specifications. fuel filters get changed once year. For Direct drive machines there are no supplied engine services.

Pressure pumpPerform pressure and flow test on pressure pump to inspect for proper operation, Inspect crankcase oil in the Pressure pump for proper level and condition, Top off as needed. 

Pressure regulator - Remove packing, inspect and lube O-rings, Reset High/Low limit lockouts

Vacuum pump - Inspect vacuum pump vacuum level and adjust as needed per manufacturer recommendations, Inspect oil level and oil condition, Top off oil as needed.

Chemical system - Inspect the operation of the chemical system, Includes the prime valve , flow meter valve, flow meter viewer, and outlet check valve. The chemical pump and outlet check valve do require maintenance every 500 hour of service, this will be done during the 500 hour service interval as required.

Heating system - Inspect the operation of the heating system and make any needed adjustments required to keep it in good operation, different machines have different components to control the heating system, we will be inspecting all the components for operation an wear.

Battery & charging system - inspect battery volts and amps to test for battery readiness, Inspect the charging system for function and proper output to keep the battery charged and equipment running.

Other - Inspect all Drive belts and or drive couplers on the equipment, Inspect hoses and wiring for fraying or wear,  Inspect and clean all filters and strainers in the water system, and vacuum system, Inspect overall condition and operation of the equipment.

2. (500 hour service) - this service is performed every 500 hours of operation, this will include completion of the (100 hour service) and the following Additional services. 

Pressure pump - the pressure pump will receive new oil in the crankcase.

Chemical system - Perform manufacturer recommended rebuild service to the chemical pump.

Outlet check valve - Perform manufacturer recommended rebuild service to the outlet check valve.

Engine - Perform manufacturer recommended replacement of fuel filter.

3. (1000 hour service) - this service is performed every 1000 hours of operation, this will include completion of the (100 and 500 hour service) and the following additional services. 

vacuum pump - Perform drain flush and refill of blower crankcase oil front and rear, some blowers will get oil in rear crankcase and bearing grease for the front

Engine - Perform Tune-up service, replace spark plugs & spark plug wires, replace air filter and all Drive belts or Drive coupler -

**Replacement of Drive belts or Drive coupler are not included in the price of the Annual Maintenance plan, This service  will be estimated, Approved by you and billed as a separate Invoice.

But wait there is more!!!

Purchasing the annual plan will will get you an additional 15% off of all other repairs outside of the services. here are some examples

Product Price
Normal Price Annual service package price
Waste tank lid gasket replacement - price will vary depending on make and model of equipment $185.00 $157.25
Pressure pump rebuild - price will vary depending on make and model of pressure pump $650.00 $552.50
belt repalcement, all belts - price will vary depending on make and model of machine $395.00 $333.20

The Fine Print

(1)Failure to meet payment obligations at any Quarter will result in being removed from program,  if you want to stay in the program it will start over from the beginning.

(2) if you enter the program and a larger service is due you will be charged for the additional repairs and services separate of the program.

(3) This Program does not include all repairs your equipment may need,  just the services and repairs outlined in the program.

(4) All additional services and repairs needed Will be Estimated for you to approve. 

(5) Additional repairs and services may need to be rescheduled.