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Is your company in need of a professional service to help guide you through the Procurement of new or used Carpet Cleaning Equipment. 


Do Your technicians understand the proper use, and maintenance needed to care for and protect your equipment. Do they Know how to work through issues faced out in the field.



When it comes to Carpet Cleaning Equipment, there are a lot of choices good and bad. I will educate you in the pros and cons of all the different models of equipment available, Together we will Assemble a package that fits your business needs. We will navigate through all the equipment models, tools, Accessories and vehicle specific components needed to complete the installation of your Equipment. Whether it is a new piece of equipment or a used Equipment Package you are in search of, I have you covered.

I Provide all the training needed to make your Cleaning technicians pros at understanding how the equipment operates and the proper use of the equipment. The training will also teach them the proper steps to maintaining the equipment for the daily, weekly and monthly needs and attention the equipment requires. The training will also help them with basic troubleshooting to nearly eliminate down time with issues that can and will be encountered while out in the field. So whether its a new technician that needs training or your entire existing staff that could use this knowledge I have you covered

I build procedures and guidelines for beginning and end of day tasks to be performed on the equipment, tools and accessories to keep it all in tip top shape. These Procedures will also outline steps required to protect the equipment during the summer and winter seasons. These procedures and guidelines will be produced to meet the needs of your specific piece of equipment as well as tools and accessories and will meet the requirements of the manufacturers recommendations.