100 Hour Service, 2-Cylinder, 3 Cylinder and 4 Cylinder


The 100 hour service covers the following services and inspection based on the manufacturers recommendations.


Engine - New oil filter and oil, Air filter inspected and replaced as needed, Clean and inspect spark plugs, inspect and adjust engine operating speeds based on manufacturer specifications.

Pressure pumpPressure and flow test on pressure pump, Inspect crankcase oil in the pump, top off as needed.

Pressure regulator - remove packing, inspect and lube o-rings

Vacuum pump - Inspect vacuum pump vacuum level and adjust as needed per manufacturer recommendations, Inspect oil level and oil condition, top off oil as needed.

Chemical system - Inspect the operation of the chemical system, prime valve , flow meter valve, flow meter viewer, and outlet check valve. the chemical pump and outlet check valve do require maintenance every 500 hour of service, this will be done during the 500 hour service interval as required.

Heating system - Inspect the operation of the heating system, make any needed adjustments required to keep it in good operation, different machines have different components to control the heating system, All these components will be inspected for operation an wear.

Battery & charging system - Inspection of battery both volts and amps to test for battery readiness, Inspect the charging system for function and proper output to keep the battery charged. 

Other - Inspection all the belts and or drive couplers on the equipment, inspection of hoses and wiring for fraying or wear, inspect and clean all filters and strainers in the water system, and vacuum system, Inspect overall condition and operation of the equipment.