Hydro-Force, Wand, Swivel, 14" Head



The Hydro-Force swivel wand is designed for the serious carpet cleaner who demands the greatest cleaning performance, high production rates and decreased operator fatigue. Cleaning performance is optimized by 5 offset jets that reduce streaking and a 47O impact angle that provides full force against the soiled carpet. A high flow solution hose that splits into two 3/16" hoses feeds the manifold eliminating any choke points at even the highest flow rates while the computer designed vacuum chamber minimizes losses due to air turbulence allowing maximum air flow.

The 14" cleaning head increases production rate by 20% compared to the most popular wand in the industry.

Weighing in at less than 10.5 pounds with a Soft Touch valve, comfortable working height and interchangeable glides for different jobs, the Hydro-Force swivel wand reduces fatigue and allows the operator to continue cleaning for longer periods.

Your choice of integrated glides is secured in the head for ease of use while minimizing air leaks.

This wand hugs the curves like no other. A few turns of the knurled stabilization knob and you go from straightaways to cruising under or around furniture. It will go almost flat to get under beds or allow you to easily clean around a corner or obstruction.

  • Light weight, under 10. 5 pounds
  • Vacuum chamber designed for optimal air flow and recovery
  • Includes two interchangeable glides
  • Offset jets pattern minimizes streaking
  • Standard model has 5 spray jets. Optional manifolds with 4 or 6 jets are available.
  • Even spray coverage is assured by dual manifold inlets and equal jet spacing. This reduces streaking and provides even cleaning across the entire width of the wand.
  • Head adjust quickly from locking to swivel with no tools required.
  • Low profile allows head to get under beds and other furnishings when set to swivel.
  • Features Soft Touch valve for ease of operation
  • High flow solution line for thorough flushing with no restriction even at high flow rates.
  • Check valves prevent drips.