Odorox, Hydroxyl Generator, Odorox Boss XL3


The ODOROX Boss XL3 unit is the right choice for large area odor control resulting from fires, flooding, sewer backup contamination, toxic odors and chemical spills. This unit is designed for use with your existing air mover (air mover is NOT included).

The Boss XL3 unit will provide a heavy concentration of ODOROX hydroxyls to treat large areas affected by fire and smoke, flood, nicotine, gray/black water, decomposition, mold, sewage, chemical spills/ off gassing and any other odor problem you may encounter.

This unit allows you to decontaminate and deodorize while you dry because it joins directly to your existing air movers. The Boss XL3 unit is equipped with a selector switch for 2 or 3 ODOROX hydroxyl generating optics and operates using only 1.6 amps.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (w, l, h): 11.12" x 20.25" x 20.25" (282.4mm x 514.4mm x 514.5mm)

Weight: 25 lbs. (11.4 Kg)

Power: 120V @ 1.0 Amps

Control: Selector switch & Pressure switch which activates from positive air flow