International Ozone, Hydroxyl Generator, Titan 1000


Titan 1000 is rated for 10,000 cu/ft treatment area. This is the smallest hydroxyl generator offered and can be used for all residential applications.

The Titan 1000 is one of the only true hydroxyl generators on the market. The Titan line of hydroxyl generators uses (UVA lamps in the 365nm-385nm light spectrum reflecting off a (TIO2) coated super reactor screen.

By reflecting the (UVA) ray off highly reactive Nano sized titanium dioxide catalyst, a hydroxyl radical is formed. The photocatalytic reaction uses (H20) in the air to create super hydroxyl radicals, free electrons, and ionized hydro peroxides. When these molecules are introduced to the contaminated area, will decompose inorganic, and organic matter into carbon dioxide and water.