HS Axial Air Mover, Red, Blue, Teal, Orange


The HSAxial Air mover was engineered to compete in the low profile and centrifugal category.  Here’s what restoration companies are replacing their air movers with these:

  • The HSA is the most compact axial on the market! 
  • It takes up less space than any standard low profile air mover and centrifugal.
  • The HSA was designed with the large loss industry in mind being the most compact axial and under 15 lbs in weight.
  • The HSA takes up less than 1 cubic foot of space, and features single speed on/off switch, and single GFCI.
  • It uses less than 2 amps of power and has been outperforming “full size” axials in actual drying scenarios due to the high RPM motor.
  • This axial is a game-changer for the restoration industry as a whole.