Dri-Eaz, Air Mover, Velo, 1.9 Amps, Blue


Dri-Eaz Velo Air mover

The Velo™ air mover breaks performance barriers with unique patent-pending airflow technology!

The Velo's broad-path high velocity airflow drives amazing results -- from an air mover that's half the height of snail shell units and draws just 1.9 amps! With the Velo, you can rapidly dry even large areas -- or tackle special challenges with any of the unit's 4 versatile positions.

True portability and professional performance. At only 21 lbs. (9.5 kg) and stackable up to five high, the Velo delivers rugged reliability, easy maintenance, and high performance. Four operating positions for maximum flexibility.

Xactimate Code: WTR DRY