Syclone, Dry-Only HEPA Canister Vac 4 gallon



The H4GVC-POWER PLUS is a compact 4 gallon vacuum with the strength and durability to get the job done, while also providing the convenience of tool storage right on the sleek stainless steel canister tank.

The H4GVC-POWER PLUS comes complete with a 6’ crushproof hose and telescopic wand in addition to upholstery, dusting, floor and crevice tools.

  • NEWLY REDESIGNED HEPA FRAME to create a more effective air seal between the enhanced center filter seal and the HEPA itself
  • HEPA FILTER INDIVIDUALLY TESTED AND CERTIFIED at 99.99% at .3 microns, based on a particle count test method, IEST-RP-CC001©
  • CONVENIENT 25’ POWER CORD gives excellent portable range
  • SLEEK 18 LB. BODY with 3 wheels that provide flexibility and stability

Upgraded "Power Plus" Features:

• Plastic versus steel outer clamps
• Longer hose
• Center filter seal gasket
• Internal thermostat
• Motor inlet filter
• HEPA filter housing and gasket

Additional changes:

  • Redesigned HEPA frame creates a more effective air seal between the enhanced center filter seal (slips over the motor column, taller/softer edge and can be easily removed/cleaned/replaced) and the HEPA filter itself.
  • Motor Inlet Filter: Thicker and denser to prevent loss of suction
  • A New internal thermostat protects the motor and reduces overheating and motor shutdowns
  • Longer hose: helps the user keep the front casters on the floor, prevents potential damage to the caster or the bottom cover.
  • Plastic Outer Clamps: will not bend or break like the original steel clamps.
  • Comes with a 4-Ply Disposable SYNTHETIC microfiber dust bag, available to order 2604-1424 (10/PK) as an alternative to the original 2-Ply Disposable PAPER dust bag 54211 (10/PK)