Sentinel, Odor Remover, Formula 522 Smoke & Odor Cleaner & Destroyer, 1 Gallon


Sentinel 522 smoke & odor cleaner & Destroyer is a professional strength odor control product used to eliminate odors commonly associated with restoration projects like smoke and damp musty smells. Sentinel 522 can be used as an odor control additive to clean smells from hard surfaces as well as soft good and other materials. Sentinel 522 is non-flammable and non-hazardous and can be used as part of a professional cleaning process without the concerns normally associated with other flammable odor control products.Sentinel 522 Smoke and Odor Cleaner, Concentrated, 1 gal, Pail Packing, Colorless, Fresh Odor/Scent, 1 Specific Gravity, 5.5 - 7 pH