Serum Products, Mold Prevention, Serum 2000 Step-2 Polymer Coating, 5 Gallons


Serum 2000®

Prevents Stain Damage from Organic MatterStep 2 Polymer Coating

SERUM 2000 is a non-hazardous coating that prevents stains and odors caused by organic matter. It is a permanent interior coating that chemically attaches to any surface providing long term protection against unsightly stains caused by organic matter. The charged polymers prevent stains and odors from forming. SERUM 2000 eliminates stains and odors which could be caused by organic matter and the treated materials suffer no stain damage.

There are three effective methods of application for SERUM 2000, spraying with pump up tank sprayer, airless sprayer and fogging. Fogging is the least labor intensive method of application. Fogging will coat all surfaces and into cracks and crevices on interior surfaces. Fogging SERUM 2000 will greatly reduce the time normally required for HEPA filter air scrubbing to pass post remediation clearance testing.

The surface to be coated should be relatively dry (below 15% internal moisture) before application of SERUM 2000. SERUM 2000 applies clear and dries clear in about an hour or less (depending on temperature and humidity conditions). SERUM 2000 can be applied to any surface not harmed by water.

Once dry, SERUM 2000 is not affected by relative humidity conditions.

  • A Permanent Protective Coating
  • Dries Clear In Less Than One Hour
  • Covers Up To 1000 sq. ft./Gallon
  • Contains A Proprietary Super Binder For Adhesion
  • Does Not Contain VOC s
  • Harmless To All Surfaces Not Harmed By Water
  • Non Hazardous As Defined In 40 CFR
  • Biodegradable