Fiberlock, Mold Prevention, IAQ 6100 Mold Resistant Coating, Clear, 5 Gallons


Fiberlock IAQ 6100 is an extremely durable coating developed to withstand moist, humid conditions that provide the ideal environment for fungal growth. This easy to apply, 100% acrylic coating offers the ultimate in durability in combination with excellent mold resistance. Fiberlock IAQ 6100 contains an EPA-registered, broad-spectrum fungicide to prevent the growth of mold on the surface of the cured film. Plus, its smooth finish minimizes dirt buildup that provides nutrients for mold growth. Fiberlock IAQ 6100 is a clear finish coat that allows wood, stone and other surfaces to retain their natural look. The clear finish also allows for easy inspection of remediated surfaces. Fiberlock IAQ 6100 does not contain any compounds with toxic metals such as barium, boron or zinc, which are present in other mold-resistant coatings.

Dilution Ratios: n/a RTU pH: n/a Contains: 5 gallons