Phoenix, Dehumidifier, 250 Max


Phoenix 250 Max

Combining the Best Features of the 200 MAX and 200HT into One Unit

The Phoenix 250 Max is the latest LGR dehumidifier in the Phoenix Stainless Steel Series. The 250 MAX combines the latest in Phoenix technology with a lineage dating back to the original Phoenix 200. This 145 ppd (@AHAM), 119 lb. LGR workhorse features outstanding low grain and hi-temp performance while only pulling 8.2 amps while providing 365 CFM of airflow.

Most Efficient in Pints per Kilowatt-Hour

The 250 MAX out performs its industry leading predecessors at all temperature conditions without bypass or the need for any adjustment during operation on the job site. It also is one of our most energy efficient units in terms of pints per kilowatt-hour, even beating the beloved 200 MAX. The 250 MAX has an aesthetically pleasing modern look with its professional, rugged, stainless steel exterior, large 12" recessed wheels, and hemmed edges and chamfered corners. This unit also features a hinged lid that lays flat to the front of the unit, downward focused exhaust airflow directing dry low-grain air toward the floor, electro-mechanical controls, beefy material on the skid plate, and a redesigned axle to minimize impact when going up and down stairs.

Plenty of Room Inside for Easy Maintenance

Looking inside the 250 MAX, there is plenty of room with easy access for maintenance. Phoenix is leading the way with coated coils for longer life even in the harshest environments as well as a heavy-duty condensate pump. Like all Phoenix dehumidifiers, the 250 MAX has multiple ducting options and is easily inlet and outlet ductable. This unit is perfectly balanced making maneuverability and transportation effortless.

So if you are a restoration professional who is serious about drying and wants to move from job site to job site as quickly as possible, the 250 MAX is the unit for you.

Technical SpecificationsPower8.2 AmpsWater Removal145 Pints/Day @ AHAM (80°F, 60%)Blower365 CFMOperating Range33°F to 125°FW x H x D20" x 40" x 23"Weight119 Lbs.