Syclone, HEPA Backpack Vacuum, H6QBP


Syclone's H6QBP is a genuine HEPA vacuum that can be worn comfortably on your back.

The model H6QBP is approved for EPA RRP regulations for removal of lead-based paint particles, and it also meets OSHA requirements for reducing permissible levels of hazardous airborne materials in schools, hospitals and other public areas.

Don’t be misguided by competitive backpack vacuums claiming to have HEPA filtration. This backpack is a genuine "HEPA Vacuum." A genuine "HEPA Vacuum" must have a HEPA filter that is individually tested and certified at a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at .3 microns.

In addition, the HEPA filter system including HEPA filter, cloth pre-filter and disposable paper bag must be modular or drop-in style. This is the only "fail-safe" method to prevent any accidental bypass of dangerous dust that may contaminate the air.

Features and Benefits:

  • Two-stage, 1.7HP, Ametek motor with thermal protection provides powerful suction and guards against overheating.
  • Four-stage filtration including individually tested and certified HEPA filter prevents premature clogging and ensures clean air exhaust.
  • Padded harness with handle allows for free arm movement, enhancing cleaning performance while minimizing stress to the operator’s body.
  • Lightweight, polyethylene body resists impacts and withstands years of professional use.