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Syclone Dehumidifiers Produces Reliable Drying That Scales

There is one trait all successful business owners have in common: they achieved their success by solving problems with a scalable solution. If a solution isn’t scalable a contractor will go out of business because can’t generate consistent revenue from a service that provides unreliable results. But how does one scale results when drying water-damaged structures? Scalable solutions in our industry start with equipment that delivers consistent results.

There are so many moving parts to keep track of on a flood job. You have to document all water loss for the insurance company, take careful measurements, extract water, provide good customer service, the list goes on and on… if you don’t have a reliable procedure, it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

Extracting all of the surface water is the easy part of your job. It’s when it comes time to extract all of the difficult water that is left over that you need a dependable evaporation machine. The stakes are high. Every minute counts when it comes to drying and saving a structure. Your success hinges on having dependable equipment that you can count on to remove water at the lowest grains possible.

If you want to consistently dry every job, you need a Syclone dehumidifier in your arsenal.

When you buy a Syclone, you’re making a significant investment in your business. The Syclone is so much more than a machine that removes water vapor from the air; it’s a workhorse that does the heaviest lifting in the toughest flood jobs so that you can successfully scale your drying.

A Syclone Dehumidifier is engineered to save the day after large water disasters, and just like a reliable employee you can always count on it to get the job done to your exact specifications.

Every day you show up to a job you can rely on your Syclone to squeeze out the maximum amount of pints of water at and below AHAM. If you are a contractor that primarily does restoration work for large flood jobs, a Syclone LGR should be an essential part of your drying ecosystem so that you can produce the same reliable results on each water loss job.

So, if you want to reliably scale your drying operations, buy a Syclone dehumidifier!


How Do I know if the Syclone XL LGR is right for me?

The Syclone XL LGR has unique factors that every contractor should know about:

  • This dehumidifier is billed under the XL category when working with insurance companies because it is designed for large flood jobs.
  • The Syclone XL LGR is a quiet machine. With an average operating noise of 53 decibels, the machine is no louder than a household refrigerator
  • This unit can be wheeled in to every job, and has handles that make it easy to transport and store on your van.
  • The Syclone XL LGR has extreme dew point technology. This is an optimal sensor technology that responds to the conditions going on to speed up or slow down the airflow. This optimizes the capture of water. 
  • The Syclone XL LGR is in the XL Dehumidifier category for Xactimate pricing based on pints per day (PPD) of water removal at the manufacturer's AHAM rating.  At 125 pints per day removal at AHAM, it is at the lower end of this category.
  • This dehumidifier is incredibly easy to maintain. There are only four bolts that need to be removed to reach the guts of the machine. 
  • You want a dehumidifier that you can monitor from a distance. Syclone makes this easy with its command hub feature.


What are the most important numbers I should know about the Syclone 145 LGR’s Cost?

Some contractors will use a comparison of how much the dehumidifier costs per every pint removed (price $/pint) to compare units.

 At the time of writing, according to our current list price, the calculations are as follows:

Syclone XL LGR = $2,831/125 PPD = $22.65/Pint*

Syclone XL LGR= $2,831/8 AMPS= $309 per every AMP drawn.

The Syclone XL LGR has 320 CFM

*This number is the manufacturer’s rating of water removal at AHAM


How do I know if the Syclone XL LGR isn’t the right fit for me?

If any of these factors apply to you, you might want to consider buying another dehumidifier instead:

  • You are mostly working on jobs that involves a small amount of water loss (you would want a dehumidifier that falls under the large category for small water losses)
  • You want a machine XL dehumidifier that can remove more water at AHAM (At 145 pints per day The Syclone 145 LGR removes more pints per day at AHAM).
  • There is no built in dehumidistat on the Syclone XL LGR. If you want this feature to control the humidity level in the room, you should choose the Syclone 145 LGR.
  • You will need more Syclone XL LGRs to dry a room in the same amount of time that it would take to dry the room with a Syclone 145 LGRs. If speed of drying with less units is a concern, we recommend buying the Syclone 145 LGR.


Dry With Confidence! Buy the Syclone XL LGR Today

A Syclone dehumidifier is a time-tested unit that will outperform any money that you spend on it; the machine pays for itself after just a few jobs. Syclone dehumidifiers have been trusted for decades to restore buildings to pre-loss conditions because they are reliable, easy to maintain, and do the heavy lifting.

When you are dealing with heavy flood damage and are done removing standing water, your team needs a unit that removes the hard water consistently so that you can provide scalable results at every job. Buy a Syclone today and dry with confidence knowing that this dehumidifier will remove water just as smoothly at your current job as it did during your last!


Tech Specifications

Power: 8 Amps, 115V

Water Removal AHAM: 125 Pints | 59 Liters/Day

Water Removal Max: 210 Pints | 99.4 Liters/Day

Process Air (Max): 320 CFM | 544 CMH

Filter Type: 4-Pro Filter

Dimensions (HxDxW): 32.1 X 19.8 X 20 inches | 81.5 X 50.3 X 50.8 cm

Use Weight: 106 LBS. | 48 KG

Drain Hose: 40 ft. | 12.2 M

Power Cord: 25 ft. | 7.6 M

The Syclone XL Dehumidifier also comes in blue.

Filter included.