Prochem Wide Range Cleaner


Light cleaning: Routine cleaning on floors, walls, appliances, shelves, other hard surfaces.
General Cleaning: Removes greasy soil from floors, kitchen counters, sinks, ranges and hoods, painted walls, ceramic tile, many other
Heavy-duty cleaning: For fire restoration and heavy degreasing on walls, floors, ovens and stoves, industrial floors, driveways and garages,
engines and machinery. Removes floor finish.
Painting prep: Heavy-duty cleaning dilution rate removes soil, etches paint surface in preparation for re-painting.
Olefin carpet restoration: Can be beneficial for salvage cleaning situations as a pre-spray on solution-dyed olefin carpets. PRE-TEST
FIRST to determine dye stability and fiber compatibility. NOT RECOMMENDED for general carpet cleaning or use on other types of carpets.
Light cleaning: 1–4 oz. / gal.
General cleaning: 4–8 oz. / gal.
Heavy-duty cleaning: Up to 32 oz. / gal.
Pre-test: Pre-test in an inconspicuous location. Not recommended for use on wood, aluminum, most carpets, fabrics, or other delicate
surfaces. Use with caution on painted surfaces, plastics, "no-wax" resilient floors.
Light cleaning: Mix 1 to 4 ounces per gallon of water.
General cleaning: Mix 4 to 8 ounces per gallon of water.
Heavy-duty cleaning: Mix up to 32 ounces with water to make one gallon.
Apply and scrub to remove soil. Always rinse with water after cleaning.
COVERAGE: Makes up to 129 ready-to-use gallons. One ready-to-use gallon cleans approximately 200 - 400 square feet. Coverage
will vary depending on soil level and porosity of surface being cleaned.
• Use hot water for more effective cleaning on greasy soils.
• Keep package closed to retain maximum performance.