Prochem Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner


Use this potent, low-foaming, high alkaline tile and grout cleaner as the first step for sparkling clean hard surface flooring such as manufactured tile, grout and some VCT, vinyl, cement and natural stone surfaces. Industrial strength detergents and surfactants added for improved penetration and cleaning power. Simply dilute and spray onto soiled surfaces to loosen and break-down greasy, oily soils and dirt. Agitate with a grout brush and let dwell for 5-10 minutes for best results. Boost your solution with Citrus Pro for even better cleaning results!

WHERE TO USE: Use to clean manufactured tile, grout, vinyl, concrete and some VCT and natural stone surfaces.
USE DILUTION: 14 oz. / gallon
Pre-test: Recommended for use on ceramic tile surfaces and grout. Pre-test process in an inconspicuous location. Check for
weakened or damaged grout which may be affected by high pressure cleaning. Avoid spraying onto wood, aluminum, stain-resistant
carpets, upholstery fabrics or other delicate surfaces. Use with caution near painted surfaces, plastics, "no-wax" resilient floors and soft
natural stone.
Mixing: Mix 14 ounces with water to make one gallon.
Use an electric sprayer or pump sprayer to apply to grout lines and tile. Allow 5-10 minutes dwell time depending on soil.
Pressure clean surface with hot water using a truckmount or portable extractor. Use an edging tool for floor edges, countertops and
walls. Use a hard surface cleaning tool for floor areas. Operate truckmount at 800-1,000 psi for ceramic tile cleaning.
Pick up any remaining water with extraction tool or clean terry towel. Allow surface and grout to dry before allowing traffic.
COVERAGE: Makes up to 9 ready-to-use gallons. One gallon of ready-to-use solution will clean approximately 200 - 400 square feet,
depending on soil level, tile type and width of grout lines.
• CAUTION: Floor is slippery when wet.
• Pressure clean edges first with an edging tool, then clean the rest of the floor with a hard surface cleaning tool.
• Pre-test before using on natural stone
• Prochem’s Professional Grout Sealer (D460) is recommended for sealing ceramic tile grout after cleaning with this process.
• Boost your solution with Citrus Pro for even better cleaning results!