Prochem Restoration Tile and Grout Cleaner


When normal cleaning procedures are not enough, then you have to get tough - and this does the job! This industrial strength acid cleaner will remove embedded mineral deposits and carbonaceous soils such as rust, calcium, urine stains, soap scum, grout haze and efflorescence from manufactured tile and cement grout. Can be used to etch hard-to-clean grout by removing a super fine layer, leaving your grout sparkling bright and clean. Advanced formulation with premium chemistry and corrosion inhibitors. Not recommended for use on most natural stone.

For use on ceramic tile, stone and grout with embedded soil or mineral build-up. Do not use on marble, limestone and other acidsensitive surfaces – always pre-test first. Keep away from metal surfaces, especially chrome or other bright metal surfaces.
USE DILUTION: 8 to 32 oz./gal.
Pre-test: Pre-test process in an inconspicuous location. Check for weakened or damaged grout which may be affected by high
pressure cleaning.
Light soil: 8 oz./gal.
Medium soil: 16 oz./gal.
Heavy soil: 32 oz./gal.
1. Sweep or vacuum to remove dust and loose soil.
2. Apply product with a coarse spray or a mop, allow up to ten minutes dwell time. Agitate with a brush if needed. Avoid overspray on
appliances, walls, carpet or furnishings. Keep away from metal surfaces.
3. Clean using hard surface cleaning tools, using clear water or Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner (D456).
4. Pick up any remaining water with extraction tool or clean terry towels. Dry before allowing traffic.
5. Water-Based Tile and Grout Sealer (B462) is recommended after grout is dry.
COVERAGE: Makes up to 17 ready-to-use gallons. One gallon of ready-to-use solution will clean approximately 200 - 400 square feet,
depending on soil level, tile type and width of grout lines.
• CAUTION: Floor is slippery when wet.
• Works great in restoration situations – porous grout with embedded soil, efflorescence, salt and mineral buildup, hard water
buildup, other acid-cleanable soils.
• Not recommended for use on most natural stone or any surface that will be damaged by acid.
• Avoid overspray on appliances, walls, carpet or furniture.
• Keep away from metal surfaces, especially plated or bright metals. Wipe off overspray immediately. Dark marks from overspray
can usually be buffed out with abrasive cleanser.
• Protect cleaned surfaces with Water-Based Tile and Grout Sealer
(B462) after grout is dry.