Viper Resuscitate, Acid Cleaner For Stone Tile And Grout, 1 Gallon


Viper Resuscitate is a professional strength, acidic product specifically formulated for use in bathrooms and shower stalls, or on countertops that do not respond to other cleaning agents.

Viper Resuscitate cleans away hard water spots and deposits, grout haze, soap scum, and efflorescence. It renews the appearance of ceramic tile, porcelain tile, grout, granite, slate, and sandstone.  It emits fewer vapors than typical acid cleaners especially used with a foaming sprayer. Viper Resuscitate is used when all other cleaners have failed and is a safer alternative than other aggressive acids.

  • Restorative organic acid cleaner.
  • Cleans away hard water spots, soap scum and efflorescence.
  • Safer than other aggressive acids while still extremely effective.
  • Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces like marble, travertine, or limestone etc.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors to help protect metal from overspray along with appropriate masking.