Hydro-Force, Viper Stone Perfect, Stone Tile & Grout Cleaner, 1 Gallon


Viper Stone Perfect is a high-powered cleaning agent for restoration cleaning of natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate and sandstone.

When used as directed, Viper Stone Perfect is safe to use on stone and will not damage surfaces, as it powers its way through grease, oil, spills, and soiling.

Viper Stone Perfect is used as a prespray on stone and grout to loosen and emulsify soils and stains, and to facilitate soil removal. Viper Stone Perfect is powerful, yet sensi-tive enough for fine stone surfaces with its hard-hitting blend of builders, solvents, and surfactants. It is also ideally suited for cleaning stone that has fire and smoke damage.

  • High powered restorative cleaning agent for heavily soiled stone surfaces.
  • Powers its way through caked-on grease and oxidized oils.
  • When used as directed, will not harm sensitive stone surfaces.
  • Contains no chelating agents that could attack the minerals in natural stone.