Prochem Prochem Rust Remover


Unique powerful, cream-like gel is a time-released formulation that is extremely fast-acting and designed for use on synthetic carpet, fabrics and hard surfaces such as porcelain and ceramic. Its flexible squeeze-bottle container allows you to apply Rust Remover directly onto the stain, and the creamy formula coats the stain for a potent stain removal process.

Carpets: Removes rust spots left by furniture glides.
Upholstery: Removes rust spots from many upholstery fabrics. Gelled formulation inhibits over-penetration into fabric.
Always pre-test surface for colorfastness or undesirable effects.
USE DILUTION: Ready to use – No mixing necessary.
Pre-test carpet or fabric in an inconspicuous location for colorfastness.
Ready to use, do not dilute. Shake gently before using.
1. Apply Prochem Rust Remover directly to the rust spot. Avoid over-application.
2. Allow several minutes contact time. Agitate gently during this time using a brush or scraper (do not use fingers).
3. Blot or extract area with clear water or detergent solution. Repeat steps 1-3 if necessary. Groom carpet or fabric to align fibers.
• DO NOT use on fiberglass or metallic fibers.
• Old rust spots will require longer contact time than fresh rust spots.
• Agitation speeds rust removal by keeping fresh material in contact with spot.
• Separate rinse step is not needed when Rust Remover is used just before extraction cleaning