Prochem Coffee and Tannin Spotter


Use on synthetic fiber carpet and upholstery to remove coffee, tea, cola and other tannin spots and stains. This powerful blend of acidic cleaning agents, reducers and detergents also removes some ink and dye spots, berry stains, urine and vomit. Easy to use, no mixing required, and it rinses easily with water.

Use on carpet and water-cleanable upholstery to remove coffee, tea, cola, berry and some dye spots and other tannin spots and stains
such as houseplant overflow.
Ready to use – No mixing necessary.
1. Use only with good ventilation.
2. Apply to carpet or upholstery fibers; do not overapply.
3. Allow 1-2 minutes dwell time, then extract with water or detergent.
4. Repeat if needed for difficult spots.
• Use with caution on sensitive fabrics. Always pre-test dye stability.
• USE IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA. May cause allergic reaction in some asthmatics and sulfite-sensitive individuals.
• Always blot, don't rub, when spotting, to avoid changing texture of carpet or fabric.
• Note: Some stains are permanent. No product can remove all types of stains