Prochem Paint, Oil and Grease Remover


Removes tough oil-based spots like tree sap, tar, blacktop track-off, dried oil-based paint, lipstick, nail polish, rubber and plastic wheel marks, plus many inks. The non-volatile dry solvent formulation means the product spotter is less hazardous than many other paint, oil and grease removers. Use on any solvent-safe surface including most synthetic and natural fibers and hard surfaces such as glass and tile. Rinses clean with a water-based detergent. Approved for sale in California.

Use to remove tough oil-based spots on any solvent-safe surface, including most synthetic and natural carpets and upholstery, hard
surfaces such as glass, metal and tile
USE DILUTION: Ready to use – No mixing necessary.
Pre-test in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness and any undesirable effects.. Do not spray or apply directly to carpet or fabric. Do
not use on solvent-sensitive surfaces.
1. Use with good ventilation.
2. Scrape up any solid surface material. Apply Paint, Oil & Grease Remover to a clean white absorbent cloth. Do not spray or apply
directly to carpet or upholstery fabric.
3. Blot or tamp to remove spot. Do not rub. Deep spots may need light brushing. Work from the outside to the center of larger spots.
Repeat steps as necessary.
4. Extract with water-based detergent solution, or blot with a volatile solvent such as Power Solvent, to remove residues and prevent
re-soiling. Brush fabric to align fibers.
• Non-volatile dry solvent spotter. Rinse to avoid resides and avoid re-soiling. Rinses with warm water, detergent or volatile solvent.
• Powerful solvents can cause softening and swelling of latex carpet and upholstery backing materials. Use with caution on upholstery to
avoid damage. Do not spray or apply directly to carpet or upholstery.
• Keep away from acrylic plastics, finished wood or other solvent sensitive surfaces.
• Check furniture foam cushions for pen marks that may transfer through from back of fabric. Keep away from finished wood surfaces.