Prochem Filter-Out


This product'ss exclusive chemical technology aids in the removal of dark filtration soil lines along walls, doorways and near heating and air conditioning vents. It works by canceling particle charge attraction, allowing the soil to be extracted away. Also aids in the removal of ink toner powder spills, carbon-containing soils, carbon soot, fingerprint powder and other charged particle soils.

Residential and commercial carpets with filtration soil lines. Removes dry toner spills near photocopiers, fax machines and laser
printers. Soot and other dry carbon soils on carpet or hard surfaces.
USE DILUTION: Ready-to-use - No mixing necessary.
1. Pre-vacuum thoroughly to remove loose soil, especially dry toner.
2. Apply Filter-Out to saturate fibers in soiled areas. Allow 3-5 minutes dwell time to loosen soil. Agitate with a soft brush or groomer
to help break loose tough spots.
3. Extract completely using hot water or All Fiber Rinse solution. Repeat if needed.
4. Lightly brush or groom to align fibers.
• Pre-vacuum toner spills repeatedly to remove as much loose toner as possible before wet cleaning. Use a vacuum hose
attachment or a vacuum without a beater bar to avoid spreading toner.
• Always rinse-extract to remove soil and residues.
• Apply a carpet protector such as FourGuard to restore soil and stain resistance.
• Filter-Out is not recommended for use on upholstery fabrics.