Prochem Power Solvent


This specialty volatile dry spotter for carpet, upholstery and other solvent-safe surfaces such as porcelain and ceramic tile quickly dissolves and removes tape adhesives, glue, oil-based paint, tar, grease and other difficult solvent soluble spots. Power Solvent is fast-acting, evaporates completely, and does not require rinsing. Contains no chlorinated solvents that can damage carpet and fabrics, and no ozone-depleting compounds.

Removing tough oily soils from natural and synthetic carpets and upholstery
Ready to use – No mixing required
Pre-test in an inconspicuous location for dye stability, color fastness, and upholstery shrinkage. Do not use on acrylic or other solventsensitive plastic surfaces. Use with adequate ventilation.
Ready-to-use, no mixing required.
1. Sponge or scrape up any surface spot material.
2. Apply Power Solvent to a clean white absorbent cloth.
3. Wipe surface or blot fibers. Do not rub. Heavily soiled surfaces may need light brushing. Work from the outside to the center of
soiled areas.
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 as necessary. Brush fabric to align fibers.
• Completely volatile, does not require rinsing.
• Use with caution on upholstery to avoid damage to latex fabric backing and adhesives.
• Do not use on acrylic or other solvent-sensitive plastic surfaces.
• Check furniture foam cushions for pen marks that may transfer through from back of fabric.
• Extracts completely with water if cleaning follows treatment
• For manual cleaning procedures only. Do not use in solvent cleaning equipment, solvent extraction equipment or dry cleaning
Additional tips for spot