Bridgepoint Systems, Stain Remover, Gum Break Adhesive Remover, 1 Quart


Gum Break -- Adhesive Remover

Gum Break chews up and spits out some of the most common problems encountered with adhesive removers.

Noxious fumes? Chew. Spit. Gone.
Nasty resoiling residue that is hard to extract out? Chew. Spit. Gone.
Sticky, gooey gum remnants that won't come out no matter how much chemical you use? Chew. Spit. Gone.

After obtaining extensive feedback from the field and lab, the reports were conclusive. Technicians didn't want nasty fumes that made homeowners question what was being used in their house. They were tired of sticky, oily solutions that were hard to extract out. And, they wanted a gum remover that worked! Gum Break does all that and more by using a special blend of potent surfactants that lubricate the carpet fibers and allows the gum to slide off the carpet fibers. These surfactants easily rinse free from the carpet, leaving a fresh, adhesive free carpet that won't become a small dirt magnet in your customer's carpet.

  • Removes gum, glue, tape residue and other adhesives
  • VOC compliant adhesive remover
  • Gelled solution helps prevent delamination
  • No noxious odors

View Spec Sheet for directions.

Dilution Ratios: RTU RTU pH: n/a Contains: 1 quart