Odorcide, Odor Remover, 210, Fresh Scent 1 Gallon


Since 1995 Odorcide is the professionals' trusted choice for safely and effectively eliminating severe odors.

Odorcide by Thornell Corporation is one of the most trusted odor elimination brands among professionals in the carpet cleaning and restoration industries. Stop dealing with callbacks that cost you time and money because the odor keeps coming back.  Eliminate it the first time with Odorcide.

Odorcide Fresh Scent uses Thornell’s proven odor elimination technology to eliminate any odor on contact.  Odorcide is a proprietary blend of essential oils that bond, absorb, and then chemically change the molecules producing the odor, eliminating the odor.  Odorcide’s fragrance lasts long enough so your customer will come home to a house that smells fresh and clean and then slowly fade away. 

Using Odorcide is easy. Simply find the source of the odor, saturate the area, and then extract the excess during your regular cleaning process.  Since Odorcide is designed to work in conjunction with cleaners and detergents; it can also be used in any part of your cleaning process.  Add it to your pre-spray, rinse, or post-spray!

  • Does not contain enzymes or bacteria. This means Odorcide saves you time and can be used in conjunction with any other disinfectants or detergents
  • Can be used on any surface. Avoiding the need for multiple products for multiple surfaces
  • Concentrated to save you money  Increases your revenue. Used full strength at 8 oz. per gallon dilution your average cost per ready to use gallon is less than $5
  • Safely use around pets and kids
  • Can be used in wet-mist foggers for large areas
  • Eliminates odors such as urine, feces, trauma, vomit and any other odor you can think of

When you want “The One That Works”, buy Odorcide!

Dilution Ratios: 2-8oz per gallon. pH: 5.75 Contains: 1 gallon