Pro's Choice, Upholstery Prespray, Ultra TLC, Step 2


Ultra TLC is the answer when you need maximum cleaning power with a low pH. Ultra TLC attacks soil with the ferocity of a high pH cleaner yet it is safe for all wet cleanable fiber types.

This is a hyper concentrated solution. Shake well before each use. Using a dilute solution of Ultra TLC, pre-spray heavy soil areas of carpet and agitate gently to emulsify and suspend soil prior to hot water extraction.

For upholstery check material for dye stability then apply with trigger sprayer to soiled area and agitate gently yet thoroughly with soft brush.

For rugs or carpet apply evenly with pump sprayer then agitate soiled areas thoroughly with soft brush.
Following your application of Ultra TLC Step 2 proceed to "Natural Fiber Cleaner Step 3".

For normal light soil dilute 100 to 1. All Injection Sprayer dilution ratios assume sprayers are set at 8 to 1.