Pressure Washing Equipment Service & Repair

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Borderland Mobile Equipment Repair is proud to offer pressure washer repair and service in El Paso, Texas. Our professional and experienced technician service all pressure washer and soft wash machines and parts. Unlike some shops, which only fix specialized components, we diagnose, repair, test, and maintain all parts of your equipment including:


Pressure Washer Pump Repair

Pressure Washer Unloader Valve Repair

Pressure Wash Burner Coil Repair & Pressure Washer Burner Coil Replacement

Pressure Washer Burner Transformer Repair

Pressure Washer Burner Repair - including Beckett Burners and Wayne Burners

Briggs and Stratton Engine Service and Repair

Honda Engine Service and Repair

Kohler Engine Service and Repair

Spray Trigger Gun & Chemical Applicator Repair



Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Before we can determine the root cause of your pressure washer breaking, make sure you’ve gone through troubleshooting steps. Going through these steps help simplify the problem and make it easier to repair.

The troubleshooting steps involve:

  1. Throttle your pressure washer engine to full governed speed.
  2. Clearing all Water inlet openings of debris.
  3. Making sure there is oil in the pressure washer pump.



If you’ve gone through these steps and your pressure washer is still malfunctioning, then Borderland Mobile Equipment Repair will need to assess the situation. we will locate the issue causing the pressure washer to malfunction, we will estimate the repair and install replacement parts as needed to correct the issue.

Pressure washers parts break for a lot of reasons. Most often, it’s simple wear and tear. When you are dealing with high pressure water along with hundreds of other variables, equipment is bound to break down. If your washer suddenly has low water pressure, low engine speed, and you’ve checked the basics, don’t worry. We can help.